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Eat on any Mess in Indore using PickMyMess Food Tokens of Unlimited validity. Have your food at different Messes and Restaurants everyday, Most flexible and the smartest way to eat at least possible pricing


At present, students and all other people which are away from their homes, eat on different messes/restaurants in the city. These messes provide food on monthly payment system.

The problem is that customer became bound to that particular mess for a month. Regular eating on a single mess for a month makes customer bore to eat there. Also on most of the messes, if you skip a day, they don’t compensate for the food on other day and you loose your hard earned money.

We are presenting a system, where a customer will pay for a month and will be able to eat on any mess in the city with that single payment. You will be charged only when you book for the Thali. You don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t want to eat on mess someday.

And on top of it, we are providing it all on same regular price to you.

  • Universal Token System (UTS)
  • Get a chain of variety food
  • Tokens with no name, Anyone can eat
  • Get rid off with regular same regular boring food
  • Book your food at any mess at TIME(Flexible)
For Lunch- Before 11:00 AM
For Dinner- Before 06:00 PM

Use Token Wallet

Purchase Food Tokens as minimum as 5 Food Tokens and we would provide you a widest range of Mess in Indore to choose for your daily lunch and dinner. You can eat daily at a new Mess at your regular Mess price.

App Features

We've got a lot of amaing and cool features


Universal Tokens

One stop shop for your food tokens. Buy tokens from us and use at any registered mess in the city.

Identityless tokens

Anyone can eat using the token ID


Buy PM Square token ones and use upto 1 year.

Find you nearby messes

Find menu and pricing of your nearby messes to eat

APP Looks

Check how this app looks like, it’s modern and cool

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